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Paddle Boards by Lake

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Boy on paddle board on Whitefish Lake, Montana
  • What should I wear?
    The short answer is wear layers! You can add or remove clothing if the weather changes or if you start to work up a sweat. We recommend: base layer under shirt and under pants boots top layer of quick dry pants or snow pants fleece top waterproof coat waterproof gloves (we provide hand warmers if requested) neck gator/balaclava/scarf hat sunglasses
  • What should I bring for a day tour?
    Outdoor clothing including: hat, waterproof gloves, sunglasses and snow boots Camera A great attitude and an appetite for adventure!
  • What about transportation? Is there a shuttle?
    Transportation to and from lodging is provided for all tours. We will call you to arrange the pick up. Depending on the size of the group we have different sizes of vehicles. Our largest vehicle holds up to 15 people.
  • What does Tour Glacier provide for a day tour?
    Hand warmers as necessary Lunch Pass into the park Water bottle Hot drink Information about Glacier National Park and the surrounding area Endless enthusiasm!
  • Will I see wildlife?
    Our tour guides probably don't count as wildlife, but they come close! There is always a chance to see many of Mother Nature's creations. Here are some animals we have come across: Deer Elk Bald Eagle Moose Loon Osprey Snowshoe Hare Coyote Harlequin Ducks Beaver Tracks Wolf Tracks Bear Tracks Mountain Lion Tracks
  • Is it worth it to go to Glacier National Park in the winter?
    Exploring Glacier National Park during the winter offers such a special and tranquil experience. With the absence of crowds, the park unveils its pristine beauty, allowing you to immerse yourself in the embrace of nature. The snow-covered landscape enhances the enchanting silence, occasionally interrupted by the gentle flutter of bird wings. The awe-inspiring vistas, take on a heightened beauty with the contrasting accents of pure white snow against the rugged, dark rock formations on the peaks.

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