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Les Mason State Park Kayak and Paddle Board Rental Stand

Les Mason State Park is located on the east side of Whitefish Lake just on the outskirts of Whitefish.


Amenities: Our equipment rentals are within 20 feet of the beach area for your convenience. There are small rocky beaches, parking, and restroom building. Camping is not available at this location.


This location is a popular hangout for local residents.

These tandem kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle for beginning kayakers. Sit on tops are great for enjoying the water and the sun on the lake!

Tandem (2 Person) Sit-On Top Kayaks

These tandem kayaks are best for paddlers who have some experience paddling canoes or sit-in kayaks. These kayaks are great for going out and exploring the lake but are not ideal for windy conditions or moving water.

Tandem (2 Person} Sit-In Kayaks

NEW and Limited! Explore a whole new world beneath your feet with our fully transparent SUP board. This clear board offers a unique paddling experience, making it feel like you're walking on water. High-quality rubber mat and foot leash ensure safety and prevent slipping. The long design and removable fin, provide excellent stability.

Clear Paddle Board/SUP

These kayaks are very stable for beginning paddlers. They are great for enjoying the sun and paddling around the edges of the lake. They are easy to control, and children can even paddle these kayaks by themselves.

Tribe 10' Sit-on-Top Kayaks

These paddleboards are very stable and ideal for vacation paddlers. They are a bit wider than other paddleboards, which makes them great for flat water to moderate windy conditions. They are suitable for one adult or a larger child and may sometimes be used with one adult and one toddler-sized child. Because of their size, these paddleboards are also suitable for larger and/or taller paddlers.

Standup Paddleboards

These paddleboards are ideal for vacation paddlers. They are easy to transport because they are very light. Inflatable paddleboards ride a bit higher in the water and are popular for use on moving water. Because they are light in weight, they are not ideal for traveling into the middle of the lake, more suitable for paddling in bays and along the shoreline of lakes.

Inflatable Standup Paddleboards

Pedal boats are a ton of fun! They are great for exploring the lakeshore in relatively calm wind conditions. Holds two adults and two small children. Weight limit: 500 pounds.

Pedal Boat

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