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Our main location in Lakeside, MT is right across from Volunteer County Park which is the perfect place to launch your kayak or paddleboard!

Lakeside office of Tour Glacier, Main office

Amenities: The park offers a fantastic sandy beach area, docks to swim/launch from, a very large lawn area, with covered pavilions, parking and restroom building.

You can create a full day outing by adding lunch or treats, or dinner at one of the downtown businesses, all within walking distance of the beach.

We have both sit-on-top and sit-in tandem kayaks available for rent. These kayaks are perefect for playing on Flathead Lake or any of the Flathead Valley's beautiful lakes. These kayaks are built for two paddlers and are approximately 13.5 feet long. We can deliver these to your location or help you walk them across the street to launch from Volunteer Park! All paddle gear included.

Tandem (2 Person) Kayaks

These sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for one paddler and can also be used for one adult and one small child. These kayaks are very streamlined and track extremely well, more like a touring kayak. Equipped with a fishing rod holder and having storage in the back, this is the perfect kayak to rent for fishing! Approximately 11 feet long. All gear included with rental.

Tribe 10'  Sit-On Top Kayaks

(Fishing Capable)

If you are an experienced paddler, you may not want to stay in the bays of Flathead Lake but might want to venture out a bit further! Our Liquid Logic Inuit fleet are perfect for island hopping and kayaking in the more active waters of Flathead Lake. We have all the appropriate gear for these kayaks including paddling skirts. 12.5 feet long. Reserve in advance!

Intuit 12.6' Sit-In Kayaks

These smaller sit-in kayaks are perfect for all age paddlers-even small children can paddle these kayaks. These are the pefect kayaks for you to enjoy padding in the bays on Flathead Lake, or the many smaller calmer lakes in the area. 8 feet long. Contact us to reserve your kayaks today! We have mutli-boat discounts! PFD's and all gear included.

Spitfire 8' Sit-On-Top Kayaks

We have fiberglass and inflatable stand up paddle boards for rent. Paddle boarding is a great way to explore the many lakes in the Flathead, it's a blast and a great workout!

Paddle and all gear included with each rental. We deliver!

Standup Paddleboards

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