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Formerly Glacier Treks Outdoor Adventures

Wild, Wonderful, & Accessible: Hiking Herron Park in Kalispell, Montana

Updated: May 2

View of Foys Lake at the Top of Overlook Trail at Herron Park

Nothing quite beats Montana's easily accessible, outdoor adventures. One of these is Kalispell's Herron Park, which holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. Herron Park is wild, wonderful, and accessible.

Reasons to Love Herron Park

  1. So close to town! Herron Park offers the ultimate blend of accessibility and seclusion. Just minutes from Kalispell, these hiking trails are the perfect fusion of convenience and wilderness. It's so accessible that in the summer, I take my dogs here for their daily walk.

  2. Enough trails to fit any mood or activity! The trails at Herron Park merge with the John Chase forest easement for an extensive trail network that spans 34 miles. The trails are great for hikers, single-track mountain bikers, and equestrians as well. Whether you seek a stroll or a heart-pumping bike ride, Herron Park has an option for you. For example, the Foys to Blacktail trail is the site of a yearly marathon and many mountain bikers love it.  From Herron Park to Blacktail Mountain, it's about 16 miles with an elevation gain of 4,600ft.

  3. Fear not! While Herron Park boasts an great trail system, it's still manageable in size and you shouldn't get lost or overwhelmed.

  4. It's beautiful and will scratch your itch to get out there!


All Seasons

See wildflowers in the spring and summer. See changing colors in the fall.


How to Get There

Directions: Take the exit for Foys Lake road for the US 93 bypass in Kalispell, MT. Take the exit on the roundabout that heads west.  The road will eventually head south towards Foys Lake.  After about 3.5-4 miles the parking lot is on your right.


My Favorite Simple Dog Walk

Map of Herron Park Trails, Purple Shows My Route
Map of Herron Park Trails, Purple Shows My Route

This post expounds on my favorite little dog walk.  I love to take my dogs for walks at Herron Park. I’m going to literally walk you through a very simple trail that anyone can do and love.  It’s great for dogs, kids, or someone who just wants to enjoy a little fresh air. This route (explained below) is a 2.2 Mile Loop.


Directions for Hiking Herron Park in Kalispell, Montana - the Short 2.2 Mile Loop

  • Follow signs for the Notch Trail. From the parking lot, facing the picnic tables, turn right and head north on the trail that follows parallel to the road.

Hiking Directions at Herron Park Trails, to the Notch trail


  • At about .3 mi, you will see signs pointing to the right for the Notch Trail, take that turn off.

Hiking Directions at Herron Park Trails, to the Notch trail


  • The Notch Trail will take you through some slight switchbacks and a few other turn offs (don't take them). After you have been hiking for 1.1 miles from the parking lot you will see this turn off to your left. Follow signs to Plum Creek Road, a logging road.

Hiking Directions at Herron Park Trails, to the Plum Creek Road Connector trail

  • This trail is a connector trail that will take you to Plum Creek Road intersection. You will eventually hit this intersection of several trails. There is a sign with a map here.

  • Walk past the map and veer left. This is Plum Creek Road.

  • Follow Plum Creek Road down the mountain about .7 miles.

  • You will pass the Notch turnoff that you took at the beginning of the hike.

  • On your right, you will pass a pavilion that is a great place for a picnic.

  • At this point, you should be able to see the parking lot.

  • Tourists think they always have to go to Glacier National Park, but there are so many other places to enjoy. Hopefully, you will love hiking Herron Park in Kalispell, Montana.

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