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Formerly Glacier Treks Outdoor Adventures

Whitefish Big Mountain Pond Skim Party

Updated: May 2

As the winter season comes to an end at Whitefish Mountain Resort, there's one event that skiers and snowboarders anticipate more than any other: the awesome Pond Skim! The resort holds the pond skim at the very end of the winter season. The Pond Skim marks the transition from winter to spring with a splash – literally. Participants streak down the mountain and then launch them selves across a pond of freezing cold water, all while dressed in outrageous costumes and cheered on by a lively, somewhat rowdy, crowd. All kinds of crazy characters come out of the wood work for this event.

Rules, Prizes, and Stakes

The first round of the four round event is quite simple. Ski down the hill, and make it across the custom pond to qualify for the second round. The next round it ramps up with the remaining skimmers jumping right before entering the pond and making it all the way to the other side. The second to last round mixes it up even farther by requiring switch skiing (backwards skiing). The final round combines it all with a jump and skiing switch. There are prizes for best costume, best crash, as well as best skier and best snowboarder. The most money goes to best costume, $300! In fact, if someone's costume isn't deemed good enough, they might not even be able to participate.

End of the season for Whitefish and Montana

The Pond Skim isn't only focused on thrill and skiing spectacle – it's also a chance to say adios to another winter season on the Mountain. So, if you find yourself at Whitefish Mountain Resort at the end of the season, don't miss the chance to witness the Pond Skim – it's an experience you won't forget anytime soon!

Picture of a woman at the pond skim for Whitefish Mountain Resort

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